What is RAM – Random Access Memory

RAM is essentially your computers short-term memory. It is used for storing data of which you are actively working on, for example an article you are reading in a web browser. Or even this post you are reading at this very moment in time! Once you close this article or application, the memory is then overwritten on your RAM by the next application or article you read or open.

RAM is also a major contributor as to how many applications you can access at the same time with speed and efficiency.

If you are finding that your PC is not performing fast enough for you, here at Instant Tech Repairs, we can provide you with advice and a quote to upgrade your RAM so you can go back to performing your tasks with better speed and efficiency.

For an appointment please call 01923551661 or feel free to DM us with your enquiry and contact information and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

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