Technology Services

Having served the city of Radlett and the surrounding areas for over 5 years, we understand the lifestyle. No one has time for computer problems. This is why we make getting the job done right the first time our top priority.

We offer an in-home pick-up service to serve customers that do not have the time to disconnect cables and move heavy machines and make an out of the way trip to the store.

Our pricing structure is tiered and offers affordability to customers looking for a good deal and speed to customers that need their machine back fast.

Our Services Include:

>> Virus, Malware, Spyware, Browser hooks, and any malicious virus removal and guaranteed protection for thirty days after our service is complete.

>> Entire windows operating system reinstallation, along with all system drivers, windows updates, all required adobe plugins, java installation, and full system maintenance is performed as well.

>> Apple support for hardware failures, general troubleshooting and tutoring

>> Memory upgrades Custom built desktop PC’s configured around your usage

>> Windows Vista to Windows 7 upgrades

>> Laptop motherboard cracked or non-functioning, LCD replacement and general laptop repair services at affordable rates

>> General Windows system error analysis

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We aim to provide a complete range of technology services. We can resolve all software problems, remove viruses or spyware and supply or install new hardware components – either replacements or upgrades.

Is your device crashing or freezing in the middle of your office application or favourite game? Possibly a hardware conflict is causing the problem, software has become corrupt or perhaps the drivers for the graphics card just need updating – whatever the problem, we have experienced local engineers ready to assist you within two hours.

We install hard drives, memory modules, power supplies, processors, motherboards, graphics and sound cards, modems, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, routers, etc. We can supply replacement or upgrade components, or install parts which you have provided.

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We aim to provide reliable and affordable data recovery services, covering nearly all forms of computer media, and if not listed please give us a call and we would be happy to tailor a service for your exact needs.

We have extensive experience in hard drive repair and data recovery and will get you back up and running in a timely and affordable fashion. Most hard drives can be repaired and data recovered within 1-7 days We do offer emergency services (24-48 hours) for those that need it immediate service, no matter what data is recovered from your drive we have absolute Non-disclosure so your data gets back to you safely and securely.

Common Symptoms;

>> Clicking, clunking, whirring or ticking noises from hdd, sign for internal wear and potential failure.

>> Boot Up intermittent error codes ‘No operating system found’, ‘hard drive not found’, or ‘drive read failure’, click here to view list of error codes…

>> Blue screen of death – usually a symptom of hardware or software failure, computer would need to undergo intense testing.

If your computer, laptop or media storage device is showing any signs of these common symptoms please do not attempt to restart or power up the drive again as this may result in irreparable damage to the internal data platters, instead please call us immediately for a resolution.

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As we all too well know viruses are a leading cause of data loss. Our team of specialists can clean and restore your lost or corrupted data. We offer an excellent virus data recovery rate 97.9% to maintain this high average we keep updated with all new virus attacks to ensure we have a solution ready for you.

Common Virus Types;

Boot Sector Virus – Also sometimes called boot record infectors, system viruses, or boot viruses, these programs attack the boot program that is stored on every bootable floppy disk or hard disk. This code is executed by the system when the PC is started up, making it a juicy target for virus writers: by installing themselves here they guarantee that their code will be executed whenever the system is started up, giving them full control over the system to do what they wish. They are spread most commonly through infected bootable external storage media (USB drives, floppy disks, CD’s etc.) and sometimes cause drive failure, sector errors and data loss.

File Infectors – These viruses also called “worms” directly attack and modify program files, which are usually .EXE or .COM files. When the program is run the virus executes and does whatever it wants to do. Typically it loads itself into memory and waits for a trigger to find and infect other program files. These viruses are commonly spread through external storage media and over networks/internet. It is very common for these virus attacks to cause damage or corrupt data even overwriting your important data.

Macro Viruses:

The newest type of virus, these clever programs make use of the built-in programming languages in popular programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. These programs allow users to create programs that automate tasks, called macros. As the macro languages have become more powerful, virus writers have created malevolent macros that, when opened unwittingly, duplicate themselves into other documents and spread just like a conventional virus would.


>> Computer working slower than usual…

>> No longer booting up or screen flickering sometimes…

>> Pc speaker beeps periodically…

>> System crashes for no reason…

>> Files/directories sometimes disappear…

If your computer or laptop is showing any signs of these viral symptoms please do not attempt to restart or power up the computer again as this may be the last time the virus will let you, instead please call us immediately for a resolution.

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Here at Instant Tech Repairs, we feel technology is getting a bit too advanced for its own good. Sometimes, although the device is brilliant for what it does, setting the device up initially is a nightmare.

To ease this tedious task, we provide services to set up various devices, some listed below, but if not listed please do not hesitate to call us and we would be happy to assist…

>> iPods, iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Apple TV – Contacts, Apps, Media and Settings transfer…

>> Kindle – Setting up WiFi connection, syncing data and creating user accounts…

>> Tablets – Initialising WiFi, bluetooth, Cloud and data backup…

>> Computer – Network Ethernet, Wifi, Office, Windows, Linux, Cloud, Backup…

>> Laptop – Wifi, Office, Windows, Linux, Cloud, Backup, plus much more…

>> Printers – WiFi and Wired connections, settings transfer, ink replacement…

Delay no further, please…

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